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Sales brochures, informational brochures, promotional materials, pamphlets, leaflets and fliers all need text. We are able to provide a writing service that allows you to do what you do best and still get the message to your audience.

We can help you with your advertising, catalogs, booklets, and direct mail pieces, as well.

Press Releases and Announcements
With years of experience in the news field, Melissa Walker can provide you with a well-defined message for your project. Whether itís a press release or announcement, each piece of communication can be formatted to target a specific audience.

Every office has documents, procedure manuals, communication memos and forms they must generate. We can assist you in the preparation of these documents for your business. Not only will this save you time, but it also will ensure that all of your office communications are professional and error free.               

Technical Manuals and Instruction Sheets
Often when technical manuals and instruction sheets are produced, technical personnel are the people who author the document. We can help make these technical writings more user friendly and readable. 

Grant and Proposal Development
Writing grant proposals is more than just asking for money. Receiving money for projects requires a clear explanation of your mission and vision so others will understand your proposal. MW Media Consultants LLC can assist you with the development of one-page informal proposal letters, complex grant proposal applications and governmental grant applications.

News Stories and Magazine Article Preparation
MW Media Consultants LLC offers two separate services in the area of news stories and magazine article preparation. The first is for publishers who need articles for their publications. We can write news and business stories, features and human interest articles on contract or by individual story basis.

Second, we offer specialty journal and magazine article preparation service for businesses that need to submit stories to publishers. We can help you submit your material to journals, trade publications and magazines. We assist in the story development, research and writing to ensure your message fulfills the expectations of the publication.

Interviewing and Story Development
MW Media Consultants has a vast knowledge and experience with journalism.  News assignments from investigative reporting to human interest are in Melissa Walkerís background. Following leads, Melissa finds the newsmakers and the appropriate sources to interview for a story. Experience in asking the right questions, finding the facts and uncovering the heart of the story, allows Melissa to clearly write so the audience understands the important details.

Writing copy for newsletters is a service we can provide on a monthly basis. No matter if your newsletter is general in nature or requires technical detail, we can support your publication in a style that meets your mission.

Ghostwriting / Book Editing
MW Media Consultants is able to assist budding writers with their manuscripts by ghostwriting, editing, reviewing content, fact checking or proofreading with suggestions for a finished product. 







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