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Your message is important. You want to attract clients and get the results you desire while presenting a professional image. MW Media Consultants LLC can help you create that message through an appropriate marketing and advertising program. Specifically, we can assist you through writing and editing services that are tailored to your preferred medium, whether it be publishing, the web or broadcast media. We can also assist you in creating a media plan, or we can do the work for you, and reach out to the media to pitch stories and gauge media interest.

Corporate Communications
Corporation communication to employees, as well as clients, suppliers and business partners is an important facet of any business. Business letters and correspondence should convey the appropriate message and help you adequately communicate with your desired audience.

MW Media Consultants LLC can help you with your communication issues on various levels. We can provide complete communication writing services, advise you in the development of marketing materials, and draft office communications, procedural documents and manuals.

We also provide editing services for your business correspondence, office memos and publications before printing or distribution. We can help with message development, grammar review and training, and employee tutoring.


Corporate, Political and Non-Profit 
An effective communication plan begins with a solid strategy that reflects the results you want to achieve. You need to consider what goals and objectives you would like to obtain; who you want to reach; and what response you hope to get. MW Media Consultants LLC can help you answer these questions in order to define your message and create a delivery method that best meets your expectations.

We can help your staff determine a communication plan that conveys your message to your audience. We can begin this process at the start of a project, or we can assist at any time with research, writing, editing, media planning. 

Media Logistics
From conception through media delivery let us guide your project to completion. MW Media Consultants LLC has an in-depth history and knowledge of media relations. We are able to assist you in getting your message to the proper people, generating a media plan or creating appropriate press releases. 

Research / Content Development
MW Media Consultants can provide you and your organization with wide-ranging research services. Stories, manuals, reports, press releases and business publications are all enhanced with proper research. We are able to provide these services in an organized fashion.

As a journalist, owner Melissa Walker has more than a decade of experience researching complex subjects and deciphering reports and documents in order to help you use information wisely and effectively. Depending on the project, we can either do the work, or we can manage and guide your people to perform their own research projects.

In addition, MW Media Consultants LLC can help you determine what content and writing style is appropriate for any given publication from manuals to training guides to newsletters. We can review your work and offer suggestions to improve or correct the document.

Writing Services
MW Media Consultants can provide you and your organization with a wide variety of writing services. As an experienced journalist and media consultant, Melissa Walker can meet your writing demands whether it be in the form of a brochure, newsletter or press release. Please see the Content Development for a full list of services that we offer.







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